Age Difference within Relationships

Every person I’ve told about Owen has had a strong reaction. Some have said, “Woah there,” and others, “That’s nice.”

I find it interesting how people are okay with the age difference when you’re older. I am in college, my junior year. I am twenty, soon to be twenty-one. Owen is thirty. My parents are ten years a part, but my mother’s reaction was, “I was twenty-eight when I met your father, it’s different.” There is truth in what she says.

But really who is to judge whether two people should or shouldn’t be together based on something like age? Of course I am not saying that it isn’t an issue at certain ages, but once you enter college and everyone is of legal age, what’s stopping you from dating someone older?

I honestly enjoy dating an older guy. Every guy I have dated before that was my age was very emotionally immature. I am very mature and need someone on my level, and dating Owen, I have seen that there is hope for guys out there. I enjoy the level of maturity he displays and the way he acts.

There aren’t these games that are being played. Everything is straightforward and to the point. What’s your opinion on age difference within relationships when in college?



6 thoughts on “Age Difference within Relationships

  1. I dated a thirty year old woman and a twenty-seven year old when I was nineteen. I also found that the games were straightforward and different. Jokes and tricks that worked for younger girls don’t work so well 🙂 But I had a blast.


  2. To me it’s not about age or even body style. To me it has everything to do with personality and spiritual journey.

    Sounds to me like your mother had regrets, as she has concerns about you repeating what she did. Choose wisely.

    Discover your precious heart and what gives it the freedom to breath deep. That is the happiness you follow, and not all those should’s and should not’s.
    Ask yourself before you follow with action, “does this inspire and energize me”? By following your honesty of “yes” of this question, you surround yourself with empowerment.
    My blessings to you…


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