Intoxication (Short Story)


Love can be irrational. When he tells you you’re safe with him, when he tells you that you’ll make it through together, when he says he’ll be there for you, you believe it.

The day you met you thought nothing of him, as another prince was by your side. When you got to know this new prince, his pain, his suffering, his weakness, it pulled at your heart. You wanted to help him, to let him know that not everyone would leave him. You saw his darkness, but you also saw the light in him.

That dark brown hair that fell just above his deep brown eyes that penetrated your soul with just one gaze, made your heart stop. It scared you that just by looking into his eyes he could see you and you could see him for who you both truly were. That moment of acceptance of each other, the good and the bad, felt surreal. You felt weightless in the joy that this boy knew all your flaws and still chose to stay.

Instinct told you to turn from this tortured soul, but intrigue captured your heart and mind, sinking its claws under your skin, refusing to let go. You fought this not as you turned from your head and looked to your bruised heart. Signs there were along the road, warning of his darkness, but a blind eye you turned as he treated you like none had before. Charismatic he was, winning the affection from those around him. Only ones from his past had distaste for him, though their words pierced not the ears of those around them, as those who were in his company now dismissed them, unable to comprehend such outlandish stories. This prince was of perfection on the surface. Just one meeting, and hooked they were, questioning his actions not. The rumors found their way to your ears, but you chose to overlook them, not wanting to think ill of your new prince.

And so the prince and you seem to be living happily ever after, even though he lives in a different land because he must be away to defend your homeland. One fateful day you ride your carriage to his castle and he shows you off to all his comrades for the celebration of his birth. A banquet laid out, but you touch nothing. You and your prince drink in celebration while the jester entertains all.

Things begin to blur, and everything spins out of control. A monster from your past you think you see, and you cry and scream, “No! Let him not touch me!” Your prince holds you, “You’re safe; he is not here. You’re with me, your prince,” he says and takes you from the celebration. He carries you up the winding staircase to his quarters and helps ease your memories, as you get sick and cry. You fear that all your past demons are here, but he assures you you’re protected, he holds you while you fall apart before his eyes.

He changes your garments and cleans you up and lays you to bed. You think to yourself, “how sweet he is for laying me to sleep, lucky I am to have him,” only for you not to remember how this prince turned into a worse monster than the one from your past, as he is above you, hovering, dominating, and slaying your very core. Those eyes that were once beautiful now evoked horror in you, seeing the raw animalistic instinct rule over your love. You lie there frozen with fright, voice mute for fear of further damage. You don’t know if it is your prince above you, or the monster from ages past. Realization hits that it is your beloved prince slaying you.

When morning comes, quietly out of bed you slip, only to ponder last evening’s events. This prince, who enchants everyone, underneath that charming smile, is a monster. You cannot fathom this and pretend events of nights past were imagined, until you cannot do so anymore.

Sun and moon have fallen and risen many times until you finally voice your sickening secret to a close confidant. Proof there is not, except for your words that are spoken shakily, as tears betray you. Courage it took for you to tell of this horrendous encounter, only to be met by accusations of mistruth. Backs were turned as they defended the prince. And so the second monster roamed free to slay other princesses in waiting.


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