Worst day ever…

So I heard back from the DA and I’m pissed as shit! Cops and the law suck! If you couldn’t guess Monster gets away with it. There wasn’t enough evidence to continue. So that happened.

Also saw Eric walking out of his apartment today and I swear I almost got in a car accident because of it.

Then during the 15 minute break in class I call my parents to get an update on a family friend who was recently diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer. They said it wasn’t looking good but they wouldn’t be able to tell until the second round of chemo to know for sure. I also feel terribly guilty because last thanksgiving our family friend throws a party every year to celebrate, and I stayed with Monster and his family over thanksgiving instead of going home to celebrate with my family and our friend.

Then my officer calls me in class so I leave class to take it and he explained further why the DA couldn’t move the case forward and what Monster’s statement was. It felt like my officer was on Monster’s side too, which hurt. My officer said I could drive back to the place it happened (because it happened out of town) and meet with the DA and give another statement to see if that changed anything. But I can’t. I have no support system now, so I’m not moving forward with this. I’m going to let sleeping dogs lie. Monster will get away with rape, but if he ever does this to another girl at least I will have shown a pattern.

That’s what I have to remember. If this happens to another girl, the fact that I reported Monster shows a pattern, and Monster would be more likely convicted.

With all that’s going on, I told my family I wanted to go home for the weekend. Especially with the chance of Monster being in town this weekend, I don’t want to run the risk of seeing him or him finding me or something.

Hopefully something positive happens later today…



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