It’s all clear to me now…

When arriving home from the airport, my dad picked me up and I instantly updated him on everything- including Owen saying that Ethan and I were still in love. My dad sat there listening to me rant about how annoyed I was that people kept saying that. He simply replied, “Maybe what they see is love between you two and they mistake it for being in love.”

How simple! So obvious too. I should have thought of that. Ethan and I love each other for sure. We have been through so much and have a strong bond. It didn’t occur to me that people see us and must assume that there’s romantic feelings there when it’s obvious we care so much about each other.

With that comment my dad made me feel ten times better. It was as if he lifted a veil for me. It unnerves me, to say the least, that people comment that Ethan and I could have romantic feelings for each other because of the fact that he ended the relationship. Plus, we have been through so much, it just doesn’t make sense to me that we would work romantically again- at least not now. Ethan still has a long way to go in finding who he is and what he wants. I still have much progress to make on my end with my trauma and eating issues.

Ethan is my best friend. A brother. Family. I do love him, but not romantically.

Ethan did mention the other week that one of his friends was mentioning that she was dating an older actor, and Ethan told me he almost freaked out thinking that his friend could be dating Peter (the guy who sexually assaulted me in my freshman year while Ethan and I were dating). I had no idea that Peter and what happened to me still had so much of an effect on him.

Ethan even said, “He’s still out there…” while looking away from me all unnerved. I didn’t realize how much Ethan still thought about Peter and what happened.

No matter what people say, they just don’t understand what Ethan and I are to each other. We are each others best friend. Someone you can go to for advice, or to talk philosophy with, or to just rant about society. He is logic and I am emotion. We balance each other out. I love him like family.



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