At my school you have a total of 4 absences before you fail the class. Honestly, it sucks, but it makes sure you go to class.

I take three classes per quarter, and this quarter I am taking Intro to Screenwriting( 1 absence), Intro to Film (2 absences), and Elements of Fiction(2 Absences). This week is midterms, so that means five more weeks left until break.

I love my classes, but… my teacher for fiction is boring. Not going to lie, I want to just fall asleep in his class. I love learning more about writing since that’s one thing I want to pursue, but sitting in class and reading other people’s stories and commenting on them is tedious! So I ended up skipping that class today.

I wanted to skip my film class this morning because it’s an 8 AM, but didn’t and ended up having a blast. We were learning how to set up a scene and there needed to be actors, and since I used to be in theatre growing up I volunteered. I forgot how much I missed acting. I loved that I had to come up with a story and situation on the spot.

My and my classmate were detectives and we had just gotten the lab results back and it turned out our suspect had a different blood type than the one we found at the crime scene, and our Lieutenant was not happy that we now were back to square one. I loved creating that scene. Also improvising the dialogue was fun too. I normally hate being on camera, but today I just tried to forget about body issues or eating disorder stuff and have fun.

Tomorrow I have my screenwriting class, which will be fun since we will finally start writing our scripts. I’m super stoked! I absolutely love my teacher for this class. She is so much fun and super sweet! I’ve had her before and plan to take more of her classes in the future. In fact she is teaching two classes next quarter that I hope to get into!

See, for me, when things in life seem to get out of hand or stressful, I fall back to my work for stability. With having three creative classes this quarter it is quite easy to get myself lost in different projects that I enjoy to distract me from the roller coaster of life.



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