More has happened…

So yesterday I didn’t post because of the emotional state I was in. It was just too hard and I was trying to keep myself busy so I wouldn’t think about how sad I am.

To catch you guys up…

On friday night I ended up going to the young persons AA and ended up meeting two guys that go to my school and hanging out with them. Owen texted me and he got the message that we were over, but agreed to be friends.

Saturday my friend tells me what Eric said and Eric told him he didn’t want to be friends with me anymore. That killed. I was too upset to post this yesterday.

I finally wrote a letter to Eric though, and got all my feelings out on the page so that when I choose to talk to Eric maybe for the last time, I would say everything that needed to be said.

Still trying to just keep my head above water and stay strong. Also, I made it 30 days of not partying and getting wasted! So when I go to my next AA meeting I will get my 30 day chip! Super happy about that =)



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