Sui…short for Suicidal. That’s my fishes name. I know morbid, but when I first got him last spring, he would always try to jump when I changed his water. So I ended up giving him the name of Sui.

I love that fish. I had three fish in the spring and he was the only one to survive ironically. The fact that my fish who used to jump every time I would change his water is the one who survived makes me smile. He has been by my side through all the things I’ve gone through since spring, and I thank him for it.

I never thought I could actually come to love a fish, but here I am making a post about my favorite little guy! My roommate and all my friends who see him fall in love with him. He is the cutest Beta fish! He has quite the personality too! He cheers me up on those low days.

When I put my head next to his tank he swims up to me and wiggles his body and when I move over to the left he follows, and when I move back to the right, he follows. He somewhat has the personality of a dog I would say. Maybe that’s why I love him so much.

At my apartment we aren’t allowed to have cats or dogs, which saddens me, but we are allowed to have fish and reptiles.

Pics of Sui- I swear he was posing for the camera!

photo 1 photo 2-1

Wanted to post something light and happy since life isn’t all one emotion.



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