Thrown under the bus…

So Ethan and Eric were hanging out friday night downtown drunk from the bars, and runs into my roommate. They go up to talk to her.

“Who are you?” my roommate says.

“It’s Eric.”

“Who?” my roommate asks again.

“You know, the guys who used to date Anna.”

“Oh, ok.”

“So does Anna rage about Eric all the time?” Ethan asks.

“No, she hasn’t mentioned him at all, she doesn’t have time,” my roommate replies.

They are floored. Eric’s ego went down ten notches.

“Wait what? Really?” Ethan asks.

“Really, she has a life, she doesn’t have time for that.”

That’s what my roommate told me. She said they were stupid to think that she would throw me under the bus. It’s true, I call them dumb-asses for a reason. But knowing Ethan was trying to throw me under the bus hurts. Of course he was drunk, and it was the first time they had hung out with each other since the break up, so I could see Ethan trying that to gain Eric’s trust.

But still hearing that was annoying to say the least. It made me feel like Ethan had chosen to be on Eric’s side. Thought there aren’t any sides, but I am honestly scared that Eric will try to poison Ethan’s head and turn Ethan against me. Irrational fear, but a fear none the less…



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