Time. I always thought Ethan was exaggerating when he told me how busy he was working on film sets and getting everything together, but now that I am working on my own project and someone else’s I am realizing just how much Ethan was right.

So much work has to be done!

There are forms to be filled out, casting calls, storyboarding, lighting, sound etc. Next week is dedicated to preproduction. And trying to make 8 different schedules be able to fit is incredibly difficult. This is the first film I’m working on with a crew and it is truly challenging me. It might sound as if I’m complaining, but in all honesty I am excited and having fun. Yes, this is proving to be more stressful than anticipated but this all excites me.

I can’t do a casting call until monday because my co-casting director is out of town this weekend. Storyboarding also has to be done next week, and I want to be able to do test shots next week to get all the bumps out of the way for when the real time to shoot happens. But with everyone having such different schedules it seems impossible to get the whole crew together.

What’s a writer/director supposed to do?




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