Last night…

Even though I was still sick I had this urge to go to an AA meeting. It was very strange, for some reason, I felt like something good would happen if I went.

I did go to the young people’s AA meeting and I ended up making new friends. After the AA meeting we all went out to a late dinner and I didn’t end up getting home until midnight because there was so much to talk about.

At the dinner there were maybe 3 people within 5 years of age, and the rest were in their 30’s and above. I definitely got along with the males better, just because their conversation interested me more. Some of the people last night were very fun to talk to and hang out with. That was the first time I’ve ever gone out to dinner with a group of people and no one had an alcoholic drink. It was funny because I almost forgot that alcoholics were sitting at the table until we had to order our drinks. It was enjoyable to see everyone having so much fun and getting along and there was no alcohol involved. It was nice to see that it is possible.

I thoroughly enjoyed myself and am glad to have gotten some numbers so I can hang out with them again.



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