8 Laws of power: Dating a writer

The Rackster

dating a writer.

  1. Don’t date a writer

It will never be easy so don’t, just don’t. If you must, this might help.

  1. Do not ask us to write about you

A writer doesn’t write on demand, we have our own processes. We love creative autonomy, inspiration strikes from the weirdest of places. Most of the time, it is random beauty that will get our creative juices flowing.  You might be beautiful, but your beauty might lack that oomph. This is not our fault; it’s just how our minds work. Should you pressure for an explanation – you will not like it.

Furthermore, many of you have dated doctors, nurses, engineers and even plumbers. Did you ask any of them to let’s say:

Treat you?

Build you a mother board?

Build you a toilet?

No? Well, extend the favor to writers.

  1. Don’t ask us not to write about you

This could be seen as…

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