Strange Trigger

So I went to a psychological horror film last night for class, and for some reason there were two scenes that triggered some Monster, Ethan,and Eric feelings. After the film I drove back to my apartment and broke down in my car for about a half hour before getting myself together. I called my sister once in my apartment because I started to have a flashback to Monster and also texted the Cute AA guy. My sister got me calm and then I went over to the Cute AA guys place because I told him I watched a scary film and didn’t want to be alone.

I ended up spending the night. Nothing happened, and I doubt anything will ever happen with him. But it was nice to know I had someone to call when things got tough because Eric isn’t around anymore and I couldn’t call Ethan because I was upset about Ethan.

Today I am doing well. Yet again a very busy day and won’t be done until 8. Then tomorrow I don’t have one free second at all.

All I can say is I pray I don’t get triggered again this week or next week though November 7th is the one year anniversary to Monster…so that could be why my emotions are heightened.



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