It’s Halloween!!! :D

Halloween is the best holiday ever! Currently throwing a dinner party with all my friends. Ethan is here… and it’s okay. Seems normal between us but I know that we will have to talk eventually. I’ll tell him on another day. Don’t want to ruin Halloween. Also Monster is in town and that scared the mother fucking shit out of me.

But I went to counseling today to deal with Monster issues. I had a nightmare about him the other night. But PTSD symptoms are not so bad. Next week marks one year. Nervous about that. Plus I am going to be filming my film with all my classmates so the pressure to be perfect and on my game is intense.

Last night I hung out with this cute guy- we will call him Quick Silver since that’s his halloween costume. I’m hanging with him and his friends tonight. I think Quick Silver is completely oblivious that I think he is cute.  His friend caught on last night and asked me if I was into him. I told him that I thought Quick Silver was cute but couldn’t say if I liked him or not since I don’t know him yet.

Also Cute AA guy might hang out with me again this weekend! =D Hopefully Cute AA guy makes a move … but I doubt it.

Overall Halloween is awesome this year! Much better than last year’s.

Happy Halloween everyone!!! Have an awesome night!



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