Another night with Owen

So Owen and I hung out after my classmate dinner. It was fun. I do enjoy his company. I also love his dog. Such a loving golden retriever!

Owen was very cuddly last night. After we had some fun, when we went to bed, he held me practically all night. I couldn’t believe it. I kind of wanted to be in my own bed and be able to stretch out 😛

But overall things with Owen are really nice. Owen also noticed how much his dog loves me and said, “I think you just became his mom.” To which I replied, “I will gladly take that role.” Owen took a picture of me and his dog and sent it to his mom. This morning Owen went out and got me coffee which was nice.

I really do miss having a dog around. It truly is comforting, especially when you’re going through a tough time. Maybe next year I will get an apartment where dogs are allowed. I would love to have one…just have to figure out which breed to get!



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