Mission Accomplished!

So this whole Quarter I was trying to figure out a way to get my stuff back from Eric. He had all my lighters (except one), my sneakers I wore to Australia (sentimental value), and a pair of my underwear from a time before we slept together.

As I mentioned in a post the other day I messaged Eric.


Still no response- as I guessed!

But I wanted my stuff back. The only question was how to get it back. Eric probably wanted to keep my underwear as a trophy, something he took from me. See when I date a guy I keep trophies (their clothes, hats, boxers, cologne etc.) so Eric always teased me about keeping my stuff as a trophy while we were together.

Well, I knew he had an 11 o’clock class and was passing his house so I said, “fuck it” and went to his house hoping his roommate was there, which he was. I got everything back! The best part about this was opening his drawer to find my used underwear in there in front of his box of condoms. I also love that he uses the condom brand I showed him about.  Now I know that whenever he had to sleep with someone he had to see my underwear before doing it. That just fills me up with pure joy. Because I remember when he once told me…


I told him that it would be hard for me to see him with someone else. Which probably still is true. But at the same time I just love how Karma got him.


I am on  a power high right now. Ever since Eric and I broke up I felt like the one who was losing even though I won the breakup. ( I know you are all going to say this stuff isn’t a game.)

With Eric and my personalities, we see things as challenges, games. We always want to win or be on top. I don’t see dating or being in a relationship as a game, that stuff I take seriously. But other small things that are meaningless I could easily think of as a game. I don’t know why, it’s just the way I grew up I guess.


I also still have one bitch slap I can give Eric whenever I want. Just one. That was granted to me as a deal in our breakup. There have been many times I’ve thought to use it but I am waiting for the right moment when he really fucks up.



Growing up with Mean Girls being your life kinda makes you think strategically. Anyways, mission accomplished! I feel empowered, in control, and just awesome. I got my stuff back! Eric does not get any trophies from me.


In all honesty I don’t care about the romantic side of our history. What I cared about was that we were friends. But in my mind all I can think was that Eric was my friend for the past two years to just hit it and quit it.


Eric even told me…



Let’s get real here, Eric obviously didn’t mean a word he said.


At the moment I think Eric and I both think that…


At least I am not alone in my cynicism! But still…Eric…




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