Roller Coaster with AA to save the day!

So in my fiction class I had the same guy with the backwards hat trigger me. That wasn’t fun. Then when everyone was leaving class, Christian boy came up behind me and I got so freaked. I like jumped. Damn PTSD. But it’s not like Christian boy would know I have PTSD. But anyways, he said, “Take care sweetheart” again.

I then went to AA tonight. Not the young people’s AA but the original place I went for my first meeting. I like going to those meetings better because those are the people I met on the first day or the first week. I’ve bonded with them.

I’ve mentioned one guy in AA who I look up to in a past post. He really is sweet. We talked today and hugged and caught up. After the meeting everyone hung out and smoked outside and talked. The guy I look up to, who we will call Derek, is a member of that group and he was staying for the 8 o’clock. He asked if I was staying and I said I should probably eat since I’m anorexic. He was like, “oh yeah do what you have to do. You look great by the way.” Gave me a hug and kiss on the head and said “take care.” I can’t think of a nickname to give him. He wears these cool black spiral earrings that make him seem punk. He dresses like he has a job in business. First time I met him he was riding his bike home.

Overall a very unusual day. It’s Monster’s birthday by the way. So I think it somehow was triggering.

Right now, Quick Silver is about to come over because I gave him a ride home from a film set last night and he said he would give me gas money so maybe he will stay over and we might watch Breaking Bad together…

Anyways, signing off to make dinner!



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