Anorexic thoughts plaguing me

My emotions have been all over the place for the past week. Being back home always is triggering for me. It’s just this time being back home I am plagued with all the memories I had here with Eric. It really hurts to be in a certain room sometimes or to have a song come on that reminds me of a good time we had.

I’m not really used to losing friends, and it’s something I’m not good at dealing with.

With how emotional I’ve been, my anorexia and irrational thoughts have been very strong. It’s really hard to fight it and continue staying strong in recovery. I got a text from one girl that I met the first time I went to treatment and just getting a text from her reminds me of why I am recovering.

It reminds me that this is a mental illness. It puts things back into perspective. The thoughts that I’ve been having lately are wrong and irrational. I won’t let anorexic thoughts take over. I will be strong.



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