Is this real?

Okay, so I’ve always believed that you have to meet someone to get to know them. So would you say having Skype chats can be a way of meeting someone and getting to know them?

I’m referring to a guy we will call Shaggy. We originally started talking because we were matches on Tinder. So after a really good conversation or two he gave me his number and Facebook info. We became friends on Facebook and texted. This was all happening the week before I got together with Eric this past summer.

So once Eric and I were together, naturally I didn’t talk to Shaggy much, if at all. Shaggy contacted me soon after my breakup with Eric this past quarter, and we had a nice brief conversation. Then I messaged Shaggy on Monday and we talked and he asked again if I was up for that date he had asked me on during the summer, and I said sure.

We Skyped for a total of three hours last night. It’s very strange, I haven’t yet revealed much about myself and opinions per se, but he seems to have similar beliefs and knowledge. It’s very fascinating. We can go on talking about subjects that I haven’t truly been able to talk about in depth with people on this level since Ethan.

I get turned on by someone’s mind. Shaggy, though he may not look smart, is very smart. And since Eric, I haven’t been able to feel any ounce of connection to anyone as a friend or more, until last night. I felt like someone got me. It was strange. Shaggy also gives compliments and I’m not used to compliments so it was very hard to accept the compliment and not fight against it.

He plans to visit me before I go back to school…but with my cynical and jaded heart I have a tough time believing it even though Shaggy seems genuine. What I’m truly asking is, can someone like you when you haven’t met face to face? Or is getting to know someone over Skype sessions a way to get to know them? Opinions welcomed!



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