Drunk Texting

Last night I was texting to Shaggy when I got a text from Dean, Ethan’s friend.

The conversation started fine but by the end he texted, and I quote,

I wanna fuck you. I couldn’t hold a relationship. I think we’re too similar. But I think we’d have a very fun time. But you deserve more than that. Way more than that…I don’t care what I say when I’m drunk…Because yeah…I wanna kiss you a lot. Even though I’d only act if you wanted to…..woooooww I just realized how much I wanna feel connection…. Sorry to dump this confusing shit on you…….but I guess you should know…..even though it wouldn’t effect what’s happened…..

So yeah, he texted me all that. It’s true, Dean and I have had a rocky past. Him not liking me after what happened with Peter. Him sending me a text saying a certain song(that was really mean) reminded him of me. Him saying my eating disorder wasn’t real and was for attention. Of course we had a heart to heart this past quarter and made up.

Never in a million years would I think Dean still had a thing for me. I remember Ethan telling me that Dean also liked me, but let Ethan have the chance with me. But Dean really likes this girl who is far away and he can’t date her for 3 months. So he is just major lonely right now.

Just when I thought there was no other guys friends left to confess feelings for me…



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