In the City

So I went to the city yesterday to finally hang out with Andy, who I was supposed to hang out with after my date with Shaggy in the city last week.

It was super fun! We walked all around and went into these cool shops. We talked about a lot. Friends back at school, that one night we had together, issues in general etc.

Andy even took me to a shop specifically because it was very provocative and had a sex mannequin in a sex position and pointed it out to me to try and make me remember that he had me in that position. Of course because I had gotten a concussion that night, it took me a while to remember.

Andy was pretty good about the whole food thing with me. It took a while to figure out where to eat, and I was nervous and I didn’t know any of the places around so we ended up at McDonalds.

Apparently Andy and his girlfriend still aren’t great. He said he is just waiting for it to end. We talked a bit about Quicksilver too.

We went to Times Square and went into all these places like M&M store and Hershey store. We eventually crashed at Penn station to just rest our feet and we talked for an hour about the things I’ve already mentioned. Then Andy had to make sure I ate something other that McDonalds in the city so we went into a convenience store and I don’t know how Quicksilver came up but he did. Andy was talking about how he was the best kisser I’ve ever had, which is true. And I think I was telling him that it was such a shock to go from Andy -amazing kisser- to Quicksilver- who I had to instruct how to kiss. Andy died when he heard that, and I didn’t mean to tell him, it just slipped out.

Andy said he was going to hold that over Quicksilver for whenever Andy did something stupid and Quicksilver would call him an idiot, Andy would reply, “At least I didn’t need instructions on how to kiss.”

So I really hope that Quicksilver won’t be mad at me when Andy eventually uses that against him. Andy also said that one day he and I would sleep together again just so he could prove to me that he is skilled in bed. Andy, the night of the concussion, did say he had major skill, and showed me some moves before everything started happening, but because he was exhausted and all, he didn’t perform his best. So he wants to one day prove to me that he is amazing in bed. Whatever. I don’t really want to sleep with him again. I rather us just have that one night that we can joke about.

But Andy and I had a real fun day overall. There’s just something about Andy’s personality that is fun to be around. Andy reminds me of certain people I don’t have in my life anymore. I think it’s a comfort thing as to why I enjoy Andy’s company. He is just really easy to get along with and chill out with.

We went back to Grand Central and Andy got food because he thought I was going to get food, which I strategically escaped. Andy was frustrated with me and said that I had to promise to send him a picture of what I was going to eat at home, which I did.

Andy leaves to go back to where we go to school today and promised me he would message me before he takes off and when he lands because he knows how I get nervous when those I care about fly.

Overall Andy was a nice distraction from everything else that’s going on.



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