I have always enjoyed roses, preferably red or white. I always wanted someone to buy me flowers. I always thought it was such a romantic gesture. I remember when in freshman year of college I hinted to Ethan about how much I loved roses right before valentines day. He of course got the hint and gave me a red rose, along with all my favorite candy. But that was the first guy to ever give me a rose.

I don’t always have someone to give me a rose. So why not buy roses for myself, right? Well, I do that occasionally. I remember when Eric was visiting me over the summer, and he saw red and white roses in my room.

“Were those there last time?” He asked.

“No, I bought them for myself,” I replied.

“That’s pathetic. You buy yourself flowers,” Eric replied, laughing.

I got angry at him for that comment. Why is it pathetic if a girl buys herself flowers? It’s called self-care. It’s not pathetic. If buying myself roses occasionally makes me smile, why not do it?

I’m talking about roses because this whole break I’ve been dying to get myself roses, and I finally did that tonight. I got home and my mom had also gotten herself some flowers too. She was talking to the cashier and they had a conversation about how women shouldn’t buy themselves flowers because that’s the mans job. He said that men have it so easy compared to women and the struggles they go through. In the end the cashier gave my mom the flowers for free because she explained that she buys herself flowers because they are visually pleasing and make her happy.



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