Acting for Camera 1

It’s early in the morning and I’m up again… Today in our class we are doing our interviews, and then writing our “Who am I?” essays. Our interviews are us sitting in front of the camera answering the questions the teacher throws at us. The Who Am I essay is for us to think about the roles we play in our lives.

For example, I am a daughter, a sister, a roommate, a friend, etc. and I would further expand on an explanation of each role I put down. I am excited for the essay and have been thinking about it since she talked about it on monday, but am a bit nervous to write it. No one but the teacher will see the essay, and she said if there was something written in the essay that we wanted to be kept private – in case she refers to the essay during our acting and she mentions to go to that moment in time- to write a note at the bottom stating you want certain things not to be mentioned, but to be pointed to and she would hand you the essay to refer to the moment that she wants you to draw from.

I plan to be able to give my teacher enough information so she knows the capability of the range of emotions I’ve experienced that way if I need to play that emotion during this Quarter she will know I can do it and help me get there.



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