A potential reality TV show!

So I was interviewed by someone at a company my friends works at. The show deals with romance, ex’s and second chances.

I had to talk about an Ex I would want a second chance with. Honestly, I don’t want a second chance with ANY of them! But I had to choose so I, of course, went with Ethan. Honestly I had the best memories with him out of all the ex’s, and he was the one who meant the most to me. So it was very interesting having to talk about him and romance after all this time, but it was fun! I hope they use my clip if the show does get produced. That would be pretty amazing!

Honestly I wish I could have talked about Owen because that would have felt more natural. I don’t particularly have romantic feelings for Owen, but I sure as hell think he is hot. But then again, talking about Ethan gave them real depth and intrigue I guess because there would be “more on the line.”

Just another typical friday! 😛



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