It’s been a hectic week!

This week started off decently, and then quickly everything seemed to pile on top of each other. My sister is back in town, can’t remember if I mentioned that, but she is back until sunday. She loves Luvas! She thinks he is the most adorable cat, which he kind of is! šŸ˜›

But I am skipping my classes today. Why, you may ask?

  1. My eating fell apart this week, and I haven’t had one day this week where I get two good meals in a day. So today I am taking off classes to get back on a normal eating schedule to refuel.
  2. The amount of homework I have has made me overwhelmed. I haven’t even done the reading for my detective class later, so I am spending the day doing my reading. Rehearsing my monologue and memorizing it, and then hopefully more brainstorming on a we series I need to come up with for my preproduction class.

Then tomorrow we are having Acting 1, when normally fridays our school has no classes. We are doing our make up class for Martin Luther King day tomorrow instead of next friday. So that’s why I have to have my monologue memorized, because we are shooting it tomorrow.

Then after my class tomorrow, because I was assigned to Practicum, which is something for theatre kids, I have to go to a mandatory training I missed last week because of the funeral. I was assigned paint crew, and have to train tomorrow and I can’t remember how long it is, but I think it’s long. So my whole friday was eaten up by unexpected classes and training.

Also, Quick Silver came over last night to see Luvas. It was hysterical! I had no idea Quick Silver wasn’t much of a cat person, and his facial expressions when Luvas would get close to him were priceless!

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 10.19.28 AM

Quick Silver is also taking Acting for Camera 1 but with a different teacher later on the same day I have Acting for Camera 1. So I rehearsed my monologue in front of him and my sister, and for some reason I couldn’t cry when rehearsing it. Quick Silver said I didn’t have to cry, but I was angry because earlier in class yesterday I killed it! My teacher said I did an amazing job, and we didn’t much work and could have filmed it. My scene partner couldn’t rehearse yesterday so that’s why I was so desperate to rehearse it when Quick Silver came over.

Owen texted me last night when Quick Silver was over, and I told him I got a cat, and he told me he was allergic. That was awkward because I told him to come over to see Luvas. I also printed out a certificate for Luvas saying he is an Emotional Support Animal, so I have to turn that in today.

I just want everything to calm down. Maybe it’s because school has just started and my sister has been in and out of town, and I just got a cat…idk.

Oh! Quick Silver helped me get rid of Ethan on other social media things. Even though I deleted Ethan’s number, he still was snap chatting me, and liking my instagram posts. So Quick Silver figured out how to get Ethan off of snap chat for me, and I unfollowed Ethan on instagram. I didn’t realize how hard it was to cut someone out of your life. But truly it is hard.

And what got me to cry during the monologue- which is The Fault in Our Stars, when Hazel is giving Augustus his eulogy at his fake funeral- when the script says “I cannot tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity” that’s when I think about me and Ethan and our wonderful time together in the past, and I think about how I have now lost Ethan or the Ethan I knew and how heart breaking it is for me. I also think about our family friend who died from cancer during this monologue, and that gets me to cry too.



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