Can someone let me know?

I am just curious. Are there still guys out there who are looking for relationships and not just hookups or one night stands?

I, for one, take romance seriously. Though I have had sex with two guys where it was meaningless, that doesn’t mean I liked it. I much prefer having sex with someone I feel a connection to, and I feel like most other girls do to.

So, to all the guys out there reading this, is it just this generation that sucks, or is there still hope out there? Most guys I talk to, or who have interest in me, seem to not be interested in relationships. I get it that some are focused on their work and others stupid things like video games. Yes, I called video games stupid. Not all are, but when a guy sits in front of a computer or gaming console playing video games for over 4 hours, I kind of start to question the guy. Sorry to those out there who play games that much. If it is your career, however, that is different. I understand that there are people at my school who are majoring in Game design, and it makes sense for those guys to play games for that long since they are studying the game.

But back to my question…Are there still guys out there who want real, meaningful, serious relationships?

I really do want to be able to connect to someone, to be able to talk to someone for hours and be excited. To be able to actually want to have sex with a guy, and be comfortable with it. I guess, having sex with Ramone earlier this week reminded me of how much I missed having the real thing compared to having the meaningless thing.

So any guys want to comment on this? Any girls agree with this struggle? Any advice overall on how to overcome this battle that seems impossible to win?



4 thoughts on “Can someone let me know?

  1. It seems to me that relationships are created backwards now. You meet, “hang out,” have some sort of friends with benefits thing…and then at some point you either decide to be a couple or move on from the benefits part. The whole getting-to-know-you/dating thing doesn’t seem to happen anymore. Or maybe it does and I am not finding the men that are into that. I just got asked out a couple of days ago, and it very quickly went from “would you like to grab a drink when I get off work” to “how about you bring a 6 pack to my place?”

    Not that I was expecting anything, I was out of town, leaving the next day, so when I agreed to the drink in the first place we both were under no illusion as to what that meant. I was actually incredibly shocked the next day when he texted to make sure I made it back to my home town okay. Maybe chivalry and romance are not completely dead after all. Or it’s a sad world when the small crumb of a text message can be taken as either chivalry or romance.


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