So tired…

So today I woke up expecting to get coffee with Owen, but then I texted him around 20 minutes before we were supposed to meet no answer. I then texted him that I figured he couldn’t make it, and I’d be running errands with my sister. He then replied he was just waking up. I said for us to meet at 2 instead, and he agreed. Later he texted, to see if we could try later in the day. I said sure. Then at 2 he texted me that he and his friend were running to grab paint, and said if I wanted to come by to hang out, talk and paint. I replied that my sister and I were about to go downtown, and he said okay hun. So I feel idk… I mean, it was a test in way, to see if he was someone I could ever call on for help.

Anyways, so my sister and I hung out downtown and I ended up getting crazy exhausted and came back for a nap. I just woke up, and am still tired. We went to the docs the other day, and I’m going to be getting blood work done on tuesday to see if there’s something they missed. So yeah, kinda just feeling under the weather in general.



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