An Interview

I had a interview with this guy at my school for an article of his for his journalism job. It was a very well put together interview on race and racism. We talked a lot about different types of racism, and the shootings that happened with the police and such.

I don’t know how, but after the interview we started talking about many different things. Eventually we got onto the topic of romance and I told him about my situation with Owen. He told me that I was incredibly patient and that I’m a better person than most. He told me I should text Owen and get an official answer tonight of whether I am just a friend or whether he wants me to be his girlfriend.

It’s true, I do need to know this because I have a coffee date wednesday and then I have a hangout planned in february with a medic from the military. And no I do not have a thing for army guys, there’s just a lot of them in the south.

But I really liked this guy that I had the interview with. I can see him being a really close friend. So I hope all goes well with things regarding Owen. At this point-4 months from when we first met- I just want an answer, I don’t care if it’s a yes or a no. I just need an answer so I can either be his girlfriend or completely move on. I mean, if there’s another girl on the side for Owen than he needs to make his decision. Because if he doesn’t I’ll make the decision before he does.



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