Saw Selma with my sister yesterday


We went to see the movie Selma, which if you didn’t know is about Martin Luther King Jr.

That movie was so powerful. My sister and I were crying in the theatre, and I honestly had to turn my head away at some scenes because of the violence. The movie made me really sad and angry. I remember studying history in high school and the only thing that interested me was African Americans and the slavery and injustice that went on. I’ve always been one to believe that justice should be served, and as a teenager I remember getting so angry because all this injustice happened. I remember the first time I learned about slavery and was outraged as a kid. I couldn’t fathom that people could be so ignorant. I didn’t understand how racism could exist.

In one of my English classes, we were able to choose one book to read out of a list of books. I chose Uncle Tom’s Cabin because at that time we were also studying slavery in our history class. That book is my favorite book. That book made me cry, got me angry and just brought up so many emotions.

Watching Selma yesterday was really hard but also enjoyable because in the movie you got to see some of the progress Martin Luther King Jr. made. Now, I go to school in the south, so that I think also impacted me on how much I reacted. Where I am in the south there is still prejudice in areas, and that makes me infuriated. I honestly love the south, but hate it’s history, and hate that there are still ignorant people around who discriminate and are racist. I don’t understand how someone’s color or background can change your view of them in a negative way.

I also thought it was interesting that there weren’t that many people in the movie. There were maybe a total of 10 others not counting me and my sister. Some were white and some were african american. The age ranged also. There were people as young as my sister and I and those who were probably in their eighties. Everyone in that theatre was crying at one point or another.


As a kid, I always looked up to Martin Luther King Jr. I always thought of him as a hero. He was brave and courageous to pave the way for progress. If you haven’t seen Selma I suggest that you do. It’s a wonderful movie that I think really everyone should see.



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