Can I just say What The Fuck?

So I ended up going to my evening Detective class.

I just got a text from Ramone asking to hang out. I said as long as that’s not code for getting in my pants. He replies, “No, it doesn’t mean get into your pants. After the talk I kinda went all protective mode on you and kinda see you as a little sister.”

WHAT THE FUCK. Right? Then I was like, “What do you mean?”

He replies, “Well not exactly. I mean still find you attractive, but after all the stuff you told me, I felt like a scum bag who took advantage of you and, I dunno, theres like this compulsion to help/protect you anyway I can.”

I said, “I’m still confused.”


He said, “Don’t worry about it. Bottom line, i’m not looking to fuck you.”

I said, “So we are friends?”

He said, “Did I lead you on? I’m sorry.”


So fuck, I not only lose Owen this week, but now losing Ramone before I even had him? Damnit! Hopefully my coffee date with this guy from Tinder goes well tomorrow or I’m going to have my self-esteem just plummet.


Also because of how busy I’ve been I haven’t exactly been eating…and I should eat dinner now…but I am so not in the mood after all this.

Fuck. Why are guys so complicated? Like either just…fuck. This is bullshit. Damnit.




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