Dean is a Bitch and Quick Silver’s the best

I’ve mentioned Dean before- he is Ethan’s friend, the one who told me I should have kept my mouth shut about Monster. Well I had dinner with him tonight, and we argued again about that. We also argued on whether Owen raped me or not since Owen did have sex with me when I said I didn’t want to. But I don’t want to think about that. We also talked a lot about suicide and shit so that was depressing.

So I texted Quick Silver the second Dean started telling me I shouldn’t have reported Monster. Quick Silver said he would call in a couple hours to let me know when I could come over to talk.

I went over to Quick Silver’s and he was high because Andy got this new pipe and they tried it out and stuff. Anyways, so we talked and Quick Silver at first wasn’t really helpful or making me feel better, but he did give solid advice. And then we started talking about other things once I was more neutral emotionally. He showed me his graphic design stuff, which by the way is AMAZING! Like dude, I want some of that shit as a poster hanging in my room. Then I showed him some of my work. Then we went to McDonald’s and sat in my car talking for a while. We talked about how Quick Silver didn’t peg me for liking punk/emo guys. He said he pegged me for liking intellectuals or party guys. I laughed because, party guys…really? So not me!

He also won’t let the fact that I think Aaron Paul is hot when he was in, what was it, criminal minds? I thought he looked hot, and Quick Silver takes every chance he can get to tease me about it. I honestly don’t mind the teasing. I enjoy it because it’s like an inside joke. It’s like things real friends do.


Yes, I think he is really cute.



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