Movie Night with Quick Silver

Last night Andy ended up hanging with his girlfriend so I was like, okay, never mind then. I texted a bunch of people and most were working. I was getting stir crazy because I wanted to go out and have fun, but I was too scared to go downtown without a friend. And where I live, they tell you to always go in groups.

I ended up texting Quick Silver and he said I could come over. I got there around 11:30 and we went to the the game room in one of the dorms, and it has big TV’s that you can hook up your play stations to. Quick Silver hooked his up and we were going through Netflix when I saw “Because You Watched How I Met Your Mother”. I burst out laughing at the suggestions because they were kinda girly, and it didn’t suit Quick Silver at all.

He was like, “I had to watch the first episode,I was playing Ted in my monologue! I wanted to know his character!”

I was scrolling through the suggestions and laughing at each one. He started to wrestle me for the remote as I laughed. It was really fun to tease him for once. We ended up watching “The Boondock Saints” so that was fun. Quick Silver could quote the whole movie too, it was hysterical! I also got to hear Quick Silver laugh, like really laugh for the first time. It was nice to see because he doesn’t really smile too much.

I have to say I hate that I have that stupid high school crush on Quick Silver. It’s annoying, yet innocent. I honestly, wouldn’t ever get with Quick Silver if I had the chance. Seriously, I wouldn’t want to ruin the friendship, which is all that matters. I can push away the fact that I think he is gorgeous. Okay…I can’t. I mean, by most girls standards, this is not the typical guy that’s attractive.



Then there’s guys like Cillian Murphy


But yeah, Quick Silver is a Cillian Murphy look a like to me, except he is paler and has blonde hair. People say Quick Silver’s celebrity twin is Evan Peters, which I can see, but Cillian Murphy and Quick Silver have the same facial structure and body style.

But anyways… The Boondock Saints, we put the movie on, and I realized I had seen it before. But I can’t remember who it was with for the life of me! Either I had to be drunk with some guy when watching it for the first time, or maybe I watched it with Monster and blocked it out. I have no idea. But now I have a good memory with Quick Silver watching it.



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