Went to the bars last night

I was supposed to get dinner with one of Ethan’s friends from high school who I met a while ago. We did get dinner but before hang we went downtown and grabbed a drink. Then went to dinner, and the journalist who interviewed me asked me what I was up to, and he invited us to go to a bar with him.

Let me tell you I was absolutely terrified to leave my apartment and go downtown by myself. But I did it! I parked in the parking garage I normally do, and I walked to the city market area and was definitely nervous but once I saw Ethan’s high school friend I calmed down.

The three of us had a fun night. We danced for I can’t even remember how long. At one point this random guy came up and started dancing with me. My thoughts were, “Okay so he thinks I’m attractive and wants to dance.” Well he wanted a lot more, and my journalist friend looked out for me.

But overall a fun night, nothing bad happened, and it showed me that I can go out and have fun.



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