Had the best interview with my journalist friend!

So he did an interview on feminism and an interview on me lol. It was super fun then we got talking about his job and how there are openings at the news station for journalists…soooooo he asked if I would be interested. I was like, “Holy Hell Yes!”

So I sent him some of my writing to show his boss and hopefully I’ll get an interview! After my 8 AM I’ll know if he wants me to come in! I am so excited because I want to work in the crime department. I pray to the gods that I get the interview and the job too!

I really need something to keep me busy now that I’ve reported Owen. An idle Anna is a depressed Anna. I need things to keep me busy or I’ll get eaten up with depressing thoughts.

I’ve always had an interest in psychology and criminal justice so this just sounds like a dream job. So fingers crossed!



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