Quick Silver called me last night

I had been texting Quick Silver last night because Owen had been texting me, and I am not allowed to respond to any contact unless I’m in the station I believe. Quick Silver called me a little past midnight and talked me down and helped me out.

I told him about how Owen had been sleeping with someone else the entire time we were together. Quick Silver said there was no way I could have known. He also applauded me for being able to eat three meals yesterday.

I really needed to talk to Quick Silver yesterday. He asked what my schedule was like today and we will probably be hanging out after his afternoon class. I really do need a hang out. Maybe him and I can just watch Breaking Bad an escape from this hell hole.

Also just got word that my journalist friend got my case number.  But his friend with big clearance blocked it so no news station could ever cover it. Damn. He assures me my story can no longer go public because it doesn’t exist. But damn that freaked me out for a moment.

But just having to deal with Owen contacting me and all this stuff makes me feel so petrified sometimes.




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