Finally the job Interview!

So I am finally going to be doing the job interview later tonight. Also Quick Silver talked to my friend and he is going to apply. I am so excited! I can’t wait to start working. Also going over to Andy’s tonight for more self-defense lessons. Midterms are next week and it’s also my first week on the job. That’s nerve wracking. I have to memorize this scene for Acting, and then for my Detectives class I have to play major catch up on my reading to prepare myself for the exam. I don’t even know what I have to do for preproduction. Then my mom will be coming down on the 6th I think. Also I have my own office for the job! I’ll be able to bring her in and show her where I work. I am pretty proud of myself for getting this job. It’s like a step forward.

Just got a call form Quick Silver that he and Andy got a flat, so I have to go. I’ll post later on how the interview and self-defense goes.



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