I Am Undateable

Absolutely amazing post! I can very much relate to some of the points made in here. I love the last line of the post, because, hell, it’s so true!
If a girl acts like all those other guys, how is it that she is undateable, yet they still are?


nyc in my dreams

I’m undateable. There I said it. After some Zen & reflection on the past year of my single girl dating life I have come to the conclusion that a relationship is just not in the cards for me. Not now at least. I can deal with being single – let’s be honest I am more likely to leave my boyfriend behind at a bar before I ever let my phone out of my sight. The grass isn’t always greener but if he has a man bun you better believe I’m at least going to check it out. Does this make me sound selfish? Good. I am.

I’ve seen a dramatic change in how I approach dating over the past two years.There are two guys in particular who have shaped me into the undateable girl that I am today and to them I say thank you. Can you handle the…

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