Lost and Found Wallet

The other week, after I got home from the bars, I realized I dropped my wallet somewhere from the car to my room. I originally thought maybe I misplaced it in my apartment. I searched my apartment a thousand times.

So I got an email a couple days ago from public health and safety at our school saying my stuff was turned in. When I got there, it wasn’t in my wallet but an ID case. The person had kept my wallet, the cash, my victoria’s secret credit card, and my panera card. The wallet was one of my dad’s old wallets, so there was sentimental value there.


My journalist friend and I came to the conclusion that someone took my wallet, probably male, who had a girlfriend who was underaged and looked like me since they kept my license and victoria’s secret card.

I am still pissed about it. My mom will be bringing me a new driver’s license when she comes down to visit. I guess I can be thankful that they gave me back all my credit cards and health insurance card.



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