Who can you trust these days and Fake Romance…

It seems as though I am surrounded by liars. I feel as though I must analyze and test those around me before I let them in, which isn’t exactly something I want to do.


And that’s me just talking about making friends, let alone meeting someone romantically.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I’m single, along with many others. It’s just sad that I’ll be seeing many couples being all love-y on this one day. It’s as if they are flaunting how amazing it is to have someone.

Yes, this is a rant. And I know it is nice to have someone, but truly how romantic is Valentine’s? Really it is just some day where one feels obligated to treat their partner amazingly. Out of all the holidays Valentine’s day is one of the worst.

Do you remember being a kid and having to make valentines for your classmates? It was obligated. Even today, couples feel obligated to get flowers and chocolate for each other or go out for a nice dinner. In reality, simple sweet things should be done any day of the year, without obligation.


I guess, I just wish that people would do the sweet little things in every day situations rather than on one “special” day, where if you really think about it, is meaningless to do.



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