Hung out with a friend

Yesterday my friend who we’ll call Arrow, auditioned for my film and after that we hung out. We grabbed dinner, talked, and just had fun. We talked about Valentine’s day and said if both of us didn’t have a valentine we would be each other’s valentine. Lame but sweet. He might be out of town on Valentine’s and he said if that happened we could hang out on sunday instead.

It’s sweet. He gets it. Being alone on valentine’s isn’t fun, so why not find another single friend and spend valentine’s with them? Seems legit.

I don’t really have any girl friends who are single or free, so I guess Ethan’s friend Arrow will be okay. We are just friends, and that’s nice. No freaking pressure. I also told him about Owen and what happened, but I made it sound light, so it seemed like it wasn’t a big deal. We also talked about Ethan a lot which did upset me at times to hear certain things. But I can’t change that fact that Ethan doesn’t know how to be loyal, or he is just not good at being loyal.



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