Transferring and Telling Friends

I mentioned that I wanted to transfer schools. I really do, and it’s incredibly scary right now. I am looking at schools, trying to figure out where I want to go, and the application process is a royal bitch.

I have told some of my old “friends” and some told me to stay while others told me that I was making the right decision.


Telling Quick Silver and Andy is what is a bit nerve wracking for me. I feel like when I tell them they won’t actually care, which will make me feel like shit. They will have questions for sure. I texted Quick Silver tonight and we hopefully will hang sometime this week.


I want to make my last four weeks here count, friendship wise. I want to reconnect with those who have been busy. I want to talk to everyone who matters to me, even those I haven’t seen since freshman year. I kind of want to throw a going away party, but am scared no one will show up… 😛

This process is terrifying. Plus then there are the questions of if it’s the right thing to do and will I regret this or will it be the best thing for me, etc. Only time will tell…




2 thoughts on “Transferring and Telling Friends

  1. If I were you I wouldn’t worry about the party and just make it an open thing that if the wanna come they can and if they don’t then their all missing out xxx😊

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