Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! I hope you all have a wonderful day! Here are some virtual roses and virtual food from me! 😛






Andy and Quick Silver being amazing friends


I told them yesterday that I was leaving, but each of them knew before I told them. I told them separately. I originally went over to Andy’s and told him, and he knew and I got mad because he had already processed it before I got there. But then Andy helped me with processing Owen and getting into Owen’s head as to why he did what he did, his thought process and such. It gave me some closure for sure. I still am struggling like hell from PTSD and stuff, but Andy really helped me.

Then we picked up Quick Silver from a set and we headed back to Andy’s. Andy’s girlfriend got home and she stormed out soon after. So I think they are having problems again. Oh, Andy got a dog! Soooo cute! His name is Zeke. But anyways, I told Quick Silver, who also guessed I was leaving too. I was so angry that he knew before I told him. Quick Silver told me that he was happy for me because he thought that it would really help me. I asked if he was going to be sad, and he said yes. I asked if we all could still keep in touch and have phone calls or Skype sessions to which they both agreed to.

Then Quick Silver got me talking about the stuff I’ve really been struggling with lately and he got me to be honest with myself and with another person. Quick Silver, yet again knew right when to grab me and pull me into a hug and let me cry on his shoulder and such. Last night, Quick Silver gave me something I desperately needed, which was the feeling of support, the feeling that someone actually was listening and caring, and someone who is a friend.


I am honestly going to miss the fuck out of Andy and Quick Silver when I leave. I can honestly say I love their company so much. They are great friends and I will truly miss hanging out with them. I love them so much.


My Moms in town!

So she just got in yesterday. We hung out and got groceries yesterday, and today we’ve hung downtown and gone shopping and just had a fun day. We plan to go to the movies later today and we’ve just been hanging out and getting along really well. I am so glad my mom came to town. It’s really made me feel better.