Got hit on in Panera

Yesterday I got to Panera before my mom got there, so I ordered. I was wearing a black cardigan with a design of a skeleton down the spine. So as I’m walking to grab soda some guy says, “I don’t mean to worry you, but I can see your spine.” And I laughed. It was original and unexpected.

As I was waiting for my order he came over to wait for his and he introduced himself and he asked my name and stuff. My mom eventually got there and my order was ready so I left to eat with my mom.

As I was finishing my meal, I heard on the loud speaker, “Owen, you’re order is ready,” and I freaked out in my head. I was suddenly hyper vigilant and scared. My mom could see me get nervous, though she says she has seen me act like that before.


The place to dump your dishes was over near where you pick up orders and I was too scared to go over there, so I asked my mom to put my dishes away while I waited outside.

When I got outside the guy who hit on me was there. He asked me if he could take me out to lunch. I hesitated but caved and said sure and he asked for my number and I gave it to him.

All the while I was scared. This guy doesn’t look like the typical guy one would be scared of, he actually looks sweet. But I can’t get over the fear. And he texted me and I’ve ignored it because I don’t think I’m ready to go out on a date yet. I don’t know how to let him down though. Guys are so annoying.

I just am not ready to go out with another guy. I will admit I am a bit fearful of dating. I mean, my track record isn’t that good. Ethan, Monster, Eric, Owen…not looking so good. I am not ready to jump back into the fire.