Suicidal friend

So two nights ago, I was napping and was woken up by a suicidal text from one of my friends who I don’t really hang out with a lot. He hangs out with Ethan and Dean a lot though. I kept on texting him until he didn’t respond. I got in my car and sped over to him.


I was angry and scared, I was banging on his door, yelling to him for him to answer me. He opened the door and I asked him how many pills he took, he only took three. They are some heart medication for anxiety that slows the heart down. I asked him if he drank anything, and he said no.


I stayed over there for about an hour or two and talked to him, and got him to open up. This guy NEVER opens up, but I got him too. He is in serious pain and is using drugs, alcohol and self harm to deal. He refuses to get any help. I reported him to one of the school therapists, and they reached out to him and he got mad at me, but is surprisingly still talking to me.


I am hoping to make sure he does see a therapist but I can only help him so much. I think he is doing better though. He invited me to go to an art show tonight, but I can’t because I’m in class at that time. I actually talked to Ethan that night to get information on how our friend had been acting for the past couple weeks.

I think that he will be doing better this week, and I’ll be checking on him. I just hope he takes my advice and gets some help.



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