Talked to Ethan last night…

Here is how the conversation went…



A: Hey can we talk? I know you know I’m leaving but I wanna talk to you before I leave

E: Okay yeah. Because apparently we ignore each other in public…But we can talk sometime

A: I wanted to say hi to you but I didn’t know what to say. I thought someone got word to you that I was kinda waiting for your move

E: ….I said hi that one time in front of CVS and you just walked past so I figured we weren’t talking.

A: Sorry I nodded, I was rushing because I was late for a meeting. We are talking. I mean, if you want to. I just thought since we aren’t ever going to really see each other again, we could like hang. Watch tv or I could make dinner. I don’t want to leave with us on awkward terms. I want to leave with us being friends. We’ve been through so much, and I just want us to be good before i’m gone.

E: I totally agree with you there. But when we do hang out, I just want good vibes, nothing else. This quarter has been all kinds of mixed signals and stuff. We’ll have plenty of good things to talk about and maybe nerd out too

A: no shit sherlock god what did u expect? also I do not take kindly to you calling me crazy/wreckless/stupid. my decision to leave is none of the above. I’m saying all this now because i do want to end on good vibes. My decision to leave is for my health and safety. You don’t know what i’ve been through and you cannot judge, so i would appreciate an apology for saying such inaccurate things because it really hurt me to hear and thats why i didn’t acknowledge you because i was hurting bad

E: okay, I’m sorry. I don’t understand all of what you’ve been going through this quarter.

all I knew is that there is some distance now

A:Thank you. Maybe i’ll tell you but I did need some distance from you and i figured you needed some too with the gf and all. I tried to respect boundaries and such. But i look forward to hanging out like old times! 🙂

E: same. And we shouldn’t bring this stuff up when we do. we could get lunch or something like we used to

A: what do you mean stuff? And can we chill at my place, i feel safer here. We could watch supernatural and talk or something.

E: stuff like being offended at each other for not talking and wondering why and all these miscommunications and things that add up and stress us out

A: ok

E: and I’d like to hear about your film and we can talk stories etc. I saw the pictures on Facebook lol 

A: Ok cool

E: Okay see you later

A: bye


So that was our conversation last night on Facebook. I don’t know what to think. I’m REALLY nervous about this because I plan on telling him why I’m leaving. All the reasons…meaning Owen too. But I also am still a bit upset at Ethan because one of his friends texted me, “He did say that you are being crazy and a wreck with choices you make in life and the situations you get yourself into. He told me he’s at the point where he doesn’t care about you and that’s why he doesn’t talk to you.”

I got that text before I started the conversation with Ethan. So was Ethan’s friend lying? Does Ethan really not care? If so, then why is he up to talking to me? SO MANY QUESTIONS! Ethan is forever going to be a stupid enigma.




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