Fifty Shades Of Grey…more like Fifty Shades Of Abuse

Everyone has been talking about this. They were raging about the movie. I wanted to know what all the hype was about.

I remember in high school a friend told me about these books and how great they were. I finally read the first book in my freshman year of college, right after Peter sexually assaulted me. I remember going through the book highlighting things that Peter did/said to me. I highlighted similar behavior/dynamics. I grabbed the second book in my sophomore year and started doing the same, but the book honestly was boring me and it wasn’t good. Nor was the first, but I was really curious about Christian’s backstory. I finally watched the movie tonight because every article I read is talking about how it’s depicting abuse and glamorizing it. I’m sure lots of people will have different things to say on this topic, but I’m going to say what it was like for me to watch that movie. First off, if you have been sexually assaulted, raped, in an abusive relationship, I caution you. Please be in a good state of mind if you decide to watch it, it can be highly triggering. For me, the first half of the movie didn’t seem too abusive. Yes, Christian was being stalkerish and controlling but I didn’t think it was too bad. Then there was the spanking scene, and then it spiraled down from there. The second half of the movie definitely was triggering for me, though during the whole movie, the dynamic between Christian and Ana was very triggering for me because of my past relationship dynamics. It was so strange to watch a movie and say to myself, “I can relate to this. I was that naive girl once. I remember when I used to think that way. I remember thinking to myself it wasn’t bad or abusive.” I can honestly say, that I just finished the movie maybe fifteen minutes ago and I still feel sick to my stomach. I feel gross, violated, and I feel like I need a friend here to just hug me and tell me everything’s okay. I kind of figured the movie could be triggering, but I wanted to know why people were getting so angry over this film and now I can relate to their thoughts and opinions. It’s true that Christian Grey is manipulative, abusive, and controlling. It is also true that Christian Grey is hurt, alone, ashamed, and scared. What’s really sad, is that this film and book series tells society that victims of abuse turn into manipulative people, and that what is happening in this film/book series is romance and a love story. That kind of makes me shudder and not want to date anyone if that’s what people think romance is. Can someone tell me how what the movie/books portray is romantic?


What are your thoughts on Fifty Shades Of Grey? I’d actually like to hear thoughts and opinions. XOXO Anna


One thought on “Fifty Shades Of Grey…more like Fifty Shades Of Abuse

  1. besides being drivel of the most banal and tasteless sort, it is like a torture tale of abuse, or a sadistic manual for how to destroy another human being.

    i hated it after just a word or two…and skimmed it to be informed…refuse to see the movie

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