Can’t believe I’m leaving…


These past couple weeks I’ve been trying to grasp the fact that I truly am leaving. It’s honestly super bittersweet. I was talking to my councilor at the rape crisis center and it was just sad. I am leaving something behind. I am leaving some friends, and a beautiful town.

But I am also leaving those who betrayed me, those who hurt me, and those who abused me.


It’s just scary to start over. Exciting yes! Very much so. Honestly I can’t wait. I really just want to be in the town I’ll be going to school, and I want to explore. But it saddens me to leave some of my friends. To leave to good memories.


Why is change and leaving so hard? Why so painful yet so wonderful?



3 thoughts on “Can’t believe I’m leaving…

  1. New town means new beginnings, new people, new friends and new experiences! Goodbyes are hard, but just keep that in mind and remember you can always contact your old friends.

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