Had the craziest last day…

So after my preproduction class, I am heading to my evening class, and guess who I am driving behind? None other than Owen! It was so bad. Painful. Terrifying. I almost had a heart attack! I couldn’t believe it.



Then I head to class, all ready to have a PTSD breakdown so I call my sister and text Quick Silver. They each had their way of calming me down enough to give my final presentation.

After class I head back to my apartment, and park and am ready to break down in my car, when a freaking spider comes down in front of my face on his string and I almost scream. I swing my door open. I try to kill it by stomping on it on my seat, but when I lift my foot, it isn’t dead and gets away. I’m like, “Fuck This!” and I grab my shit and go to my apartment and break down in my room.



While breaking down and calling my sister I get a text from Ethan saying he can head over, so I say yes, and I try to pull myself together.

Ethan and I made up!


That’s all I can say. Yes the whole Monster thing was left unspoken about, and I won’t mention it really because Ethan needs time to accept it.


But I told him about Owen and he was supportive and understanding. So I was very thankful about that.


Also a bitch moment on Eric’s part, Eric invited Ethan to go to the bars the other week to go see Peter DJ. Peter, the guy who sexually assaulted me while Ethan and I were together! Ethan went, drank, and started talking about all the things he wanted to do to Peter, and Eric and his roommate got Ethan out of there.


Seriously Eric does have issues! He always has to create chaos. Like, Eric knows what Peter did to me, he was there in the aftermath, and he knows how Peter affected Ethan. Seriously Eric is FUCKED UP.



There were great moments tonight between Ethan and I. We had our classic moments. I really missed those. And of course Ethan would fuck up our goodbye.

I said, “Bitch. I love you.” Ethan replies, “me too.”

I was like, “Are you fucking kidding me? You fucked that up big time! You said, ‘me too’? Really? Jeez! I was thinking about that moment in dexter where deb says I love you to dex and he says I love you back and how excited she gets.”

“Well, knowing me of course I would fuck this up,” Ethan joked.

“Let’s try this again,” I laugh.

“Love you,” Ethan says, and hugs me. I reply, “I love you.”

So this was a crazy day, but it ended well.




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