A Day Of Goodbyes


Today is my last day here. I had to get Ethan to drive me to a house to get my car and we said goodbye. I was running errands all day. Then I picked up Quick Silver and Andy and we went back to my place and we talked and had a photoshoot and goofed around. Quick Silver and Andy got into some wrestling matches to steal Quick Silvers beanie. It was really funny. Then they would dance to music and I totally recorded them on my camera. I got Quick Silver to take pictures of Andy and I and then got Andy to take pictures of Quick Silver and I.


Andy was pretty ridiculous. He planned out a storyline with the images he took and let’s just say it’s not exactly PG but when scrolling through the photos together Quick Silver and I were dying when we figured out how Andy took photos of us. Andy told me to send them to him, so I will once I edit them all. Plus I’ll post them online.

I drove them back to Andy’s and said goodbye. Fuck that was sad and painful. I hugged them and blabbered on about how great they were and how I would visit and how I would miss them. I then got hugs again. I cried on the drive home.


But I will hopefully be seeing them again once I come back here in a week to pack up. I know I’ll be seeing Andy because he is taking care of Luvas while I’m gone. Then I hope I see Quick Silver.

Fuck. I am going to miss them so much. If you’ve been reading my blog, you will know how AMAZING Quick Silver and Andy have been to me this quarter. I can honestly say without them, I probably wouldn’t be here right now. They are truly amazing friends. I can only hope and pray that I find amazing friends like them when I go to my new school.




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