Yesterday was also crazy

Went to my last group. On my way I see Owen’s car. Panic. Go to grip, vent, get it out. Then I hang with one of my girlfriends. Then I rush home to see two of my other friends. Then I go out with Richard and my friend from group and we go to the bars and party downtown before partying at a house party so I can say goodbye to people from my freshman year.


At the party I am tipsy/drunk and some guy starts hitting on me and asking me really strange questions. I immediately text Quick Silver because, Richard was supposed to be the DD and he was drinking. So Quick Silver and his friend came to get me. I was in the back of the car a bit drunk. It kind of is a trigger to Monster. I tried my best to keep present, but once we were on the street of my apartment, for some reason driving and passing under street lights triggered me.


Quick Silver had to take me up to my room and Richard texted me about me breaking his heart, and I was drunk and upset, so I threw my phone at the wall. I totaled my phone and Quick Silver gave me his phone to call my parents. I talked to my dad for a while. I calmed down and Quick Silver talked to me and gave me hugs and made sure I was okay before he left. I apologized to him like a thousand times. I felt so bad. Quick Silver assured me it was okay. He begged me to stay home today and just stay safe.




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