Back home

My dad and I made the 14 hour drive home in one day. We got home around 11:30 last night. It was long and exhausting! Also I had a fever today so my cold is still here and that’s been sucky. Luvas and our youngest cat, Tempe, have interacted since we’ve been home. They seem to tolerate each other and interact pretty well. My cat, Soleil, doesn’t even know Luvas is here. Pearl and Lorenzo know Luvas is here but aren’t fond yet. It always takes adjusting when adding a new animal to the house.


I am now home and bored. I have to start going to therapy, and looking into treatments for PTSD. I also have to visit the colleges I’ve gotten into so I can make my choice on where I’m going to be going to school. There’s so much to do and I just want it all done now so I don’t have to worry. But all of what I’ve mentioned will take a couple weeks to get sorted out.

I am not good with transitions and changes, so hopefully I don’t get down while I’m at home.



One thought on “Back home

  1. A friend of mine once referenced something as an “adventure”. And while it wasn’t a thing I was looking forward to, her causing me to change my perspective, to look at it as an adventure instead of a stress producing event, helped. So this is just the transitional adventure 🙂 Resupply, restock before the ship sets sail again!


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